Homegrown pig lives with five dogs and thinks he is one of the members of the group


The dog is said to be man’s best friend, but this domestic pig may disagree.

A 6-year-old Vietnamese bellied pig named  Meet Chowder (translated from English – “stew”), has an entire bunch of peculiar friends.

The pet lives with five  rescued dogs – Rika, Slick, Niya, James and Bashe – and with his proprietor Shelby Madere from Southern California, USA.

It’s known that dogs are wonderful domestic  animals, but Chowder proves to be just as great and lovely as his shaggy cousins.

Pigs are known for their friendliness, kindness and intelligence, especially the Vietnamese belly pigs that generally like cuddling.

Chowder doesn’t vary in any way from dogs in his behavior, frequently playing in the backyard with his dog friends and even wearing the exact collar as theirs, only the right size for himself.

The gang group has its own Instagram page, where more than 47 thousand people are already happily following their adventures.

Just look at this friendly company. It’s conspicuous how comfortable the pig feels in the group of wonderful dogs. Fortunately, all its siblings acknowledge Chowder as their dear sibling.

We hope this kinship will be everlasting and they will keep on making their followers happy.

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