Fishermen were astonished when they found something inside the caught catfish

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Sometimes we are really surprised that truly amazing events are yet to come. So today’s history happened with these heroes.

These fishermen: Alfons Brzozowski and Marek Zhdanovich were just fishing on the Oder River, which flows in the south-west of Poland, not even imagining that they would soon become famous through the whole world.

Two polish fishermen managed to catch a giant catfish – one of the oldest on the planet. There was no limit to the surprise when they discovered something in it. The length of this giant fish was more than 3.5 meters, and its weight reached almost 200 kg, but further events turned out to be even more interesting.

After opening the catfish, the fishermen found fragments of human bones in it, as well as buttons and a metal badge in the form of an eagle from the uniform of SS officers. The Poles called the police, after which an investigation began: it was necessary to clarify the origin of the remains.

Experts have come to the conclusion that the man found in the fish died in the early 40s of the last century during the occupation of Poland. The approximate age of the fish was also established – from 90 to 110 years.

But the experts could not establish the exact cause of the officer, so the information about whether he was already dead, or he was killed by a catfish, remained unclear.

Scientist Patek Loiko explained the situation: “We have only fragments of bones on our hands, most of the skeleton has not been found. In addition, both bones and artifacts were damaged by gastric juice. The possibility that a catfish killed a person is quite real.

Zoologists assure that some individuals of this species can eat a cat or a dog, and the largest ones often attack a person. Roman Yusupov, a former hunter and prize-winner of the Yaroslavl region in sport fishing, says that catfish pounce rapidly, and then drag the victim to the depth.

Some stories are told that about how catfish snatch laundry from people’s hands while rinsing it in river water. You can find information in the Ukrainian press about cannibal catfish who turned over motorboats trying to get a victim.

They say that in the area of the island of Khotritsa, at a depth of 15 meters, a ship with a large hole in which a huge catfish was stuck was once found missing without a trace.

And then the remains of three tourists from Poland, who disappeared with the ship, were found in the fish. Therefore, the opinion that a catfish attacked a German officer and dragged him to the bottom has every reason.

Especially considering the nature of this powerful predator. Of course, in order to kill a person, a catfish must be huge, because it usually swallows the victim whole, like a python, and then digests it for just as long.

Many are absolutely sure that catfish are not hunters, but scavengers, and their attack on people is a huge rarity. Perhaps this option deserves attention, because often people are taken into account only rumors or based on their own fears.

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