Blind, senior Dachshund and his Pit Bull dearest companion who guides him wherever, are at last rejoined.


Dachshund OJ is at the age of 12, and pit bull Dozer is 6. An exceptional connection was set up between them – they are always close by, and Dozer even took support over OJ, since the cub is totally blind.

OJ was staying with a caring lady when she   took a pit bull from the asylum.

From that day on,  these two have become friends.

Sadly, the owner of the canines lost her house, job and had to wander …

She just couldn’t keep two dogs, so with tears in her eyes she handed them to the asylum!

She asked that the pets not be separated , as they are strongly appended to one another.

The workers of  the shelter paid attention to the lady’s plea and immediately gave the two canines to the new family.

Very soon, a nearby occupant saw a dachshund passing along a street 100 miles from his house.

The man got him and took him to the asylum, because he didn’t think that OJ was a pet, but a wanderer.

The workers of the center used a microchip and found out who was the owner of OJ, and called this lady.

She didn’t take the dachshund, wishing to leave it at the center. Yet she didn’t want to refuse the pit bull Dozer!

And a question is rising: how might you separate creatures that are so appended to one another?

The story of OJ and Dozer went viral on social media and people wanted  to know if the dogs would  meet again.

At last, after a few hours of conviction, the lady consented to give up Dozer.

OJ and Dozer were very glad to meet. They hopped, messed around and relentlessly waved their tails in hello.

After a long separation OJ and Dozer were very happy to meet.  They jumped up and waved their tails in greeting.

Presently the dogs are in the asylum, and in the near future they won’t be given anywhere.

The story of these two dogs isn’t  finished yet.

Soon the shelter staff will start seeking a house for them again. But this time, they will require the proprietors to sign a contract forbidding the separation of these two lovely dogs.

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