A wandering dog pit bull Daya subsequent to losing her kids found comfort in taking care of a motherless puppy named Raisin

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Two hapless stray dogs managed to overcome the hardships experienced in their lives by founding solace in each other.

This touching story captured the hearts of many people, showing how love, goodness and allegiance can help to overcome any trouble in everyday life.

A wandering dog in York streets in South Carolina, was noticed by the workers of the Animal Control. It was a very frosty night.

The officers saw that pitbull dog Daya was pregnant, so she needed an asylum as fast as possible.

The officers of Halfway Rescue agreed to take care of her at their shelter and immediately started to oversee her.

Soon the results of the medical research showed that the helpless dog had problems and needed an urgent operation.

Her unborn kids and also her life, was at serious risk.

Sadly, poor Daya lost her kids, and fortunately she survived. But, the poor canine’s heart was broken, she looked so miserable and despondent.

But everything changed when one day a safeguarded orphaned black puppy was brought to the shelter. He looked very scared, confused and sad.

She was also found on the York roads. The doggy, named Raisin, had, clearly, a hard life. One of her eyes was gravely harmed.

At the point when the officers of the Halfway Rescue acquainted Raisin with Daya, a miracle occurred.

Daya warmly accepted the poor doggy, as if she found in him her unborn child, and Raisin who was devoid of mother love for a long time, suddenly found solace.

It was like two broken pieces were fixed. Their lovely relationship seemed to cure each of them.

Afterward, both Daya and Raisin were adopted and transferred to a new great home, yet they, obviously, will always remember one another.

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