A heart touching story about the amazing and unspeakably beautiful connection between people and lioness


This wonderful story is about an unique friendship between a lioness and two boys.

You see Sirga, a  lioness weighing 50 kg, and naturalists – German Gruner Valentin and the Dane Legart Mikkel.

From an early age, Sirga was one of the three lion kids that were expelled from the lion family. Two of the cubs died and Sirga was left totally alone and hungry. But it was not Gruner’s and Legart’s goal to catch the lion cub and lock it in a cage.

But the lion kid may not have survived. So the naturalists haven’t let the cub to perish.

Sirga grew up and became nice and powerful. Amazingly, she treats her rescuers as if they were members of her own family.  Furthermore, these two boys taught the lioness to hunt.

Rescued Sirga communicates only with them. She has been hunting for a long time, but permits naturalists to be close after she hunts an antelope and starts to crack down on it.

It’s a fact, that wild lions are frightened of humans like the other creatures. But that doesn’t concern Sirga. She doesn’t mind being surrounded by people. She doesn’t even gaze them. But problems can start when a lion, already got used to people, is released into “free swimming”.

“Yet we want to release Sirga,” Mikkel adds.

The problem is where to transfer the wild lions. If this is a new unsafe place, then they will surely come back to the previous one, because at least they weren’t  hungry there.

If the lions are just moved to another place for living, they will disturb the lion family, that already lives there.

So not everything is so easy.

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