A gifted photographer captured a unusual scene when a pod of ten 40-foot-long sperm whales slumbering vertically

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Do sperm whales sleep and how? Despite this question being very simple, researchers needed to search for an answer for quite a while.


The photographer Franco Banfi has seen and fixed the sleeping sea giants in every detail.

Here, enjoy!

Researchers had the opportunity to record sleeping sperm whales on film for the first time in 2008.

Then, in 2008, it succeeded very coincidentally, when a team of researchers from Japan and Great Britain, during monitoring coincidentally found a group of sperm whales, which were totally unmoving in the water in an upright position.

In the further observation, researchers convinced that sperm whales spend about 7% of their lives in a dream.

These amazing whales sleep in short intervals of 6 to 24 minutes.

Close to sleeping sperm whales the photographer recorded Diver Sabrina Belloni, who became a scuba diver-model.

These special sea animals appear to be considerably more imposing close to people.

Sperm whales, which might appear to be clumsy, in the ocean seem to be the symbols of beauty and comfort.

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