A cat with many playful puppies is just tired of his fatherly responsibilities


Everybody understands that being a parent is quite difficult. And it doesn’t matter who you are, a human or a feline.


The famous Maine Coon named Joker, has a great understanding of how to raise his own boys. He recently had four beautiful cubs.  And you have to follow them!

Recently, Maine Coon entertained his fans a lot.  His proprietor published a picture where he is under the many camera flashes.

Many people in the Joker saw themselves and pitied him. Really, in the photo he looks extremely drained.

The popular Maine Coon used to astonish the public as well. Fans are in wonder of his size.

The proprietor of the cat mentioned that it is very hard to keep such an animal, since the Joker likes to eat a lot of food, so she has to cook frequently. Users repeatedly say that the cat’s face has a very human-like appearance.


Generally he looks at those around him apathetically and condescendingly, which many are excited about.

The Maine Coon  father loves his own cubs. He licks and plays with them, furthermore takes them to rest in their special basket. Following a difficult day, Joker can at last rest on his sofa.

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