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A dog which carries a bundle in his teeth, turns out that he saves a child’s life
Let’s get acquainted with this beautiful story which happened to a dog, named Pugh. He became very popular and well-known in Bangkok for his uniqueness and fast wit.
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Puppy dresses in tuxedo to meet new owners who never show up
This adorable dog, named Vincente, was dressed and groomed in a tuxedo and he was ready to go to his new home, but his new owners never showed up.
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A story about a horse, Destiny who gave birth twins twice
Sometimes there are cases that we think never would happen, but nevertheless, it happens. So in our reality it is called a miracle. This story happened
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Fishermen were astonished when they found something inside the caught catfish
Sometimes we are really surprised that truly amazing events are yet to come. So today’s history happened with these heroes.
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The orca which got stuck among the rocks was rescued by a group of strangers
Let’s get acquainted with the beautiful story about this poor orca. By looking after animals and protecting them is a noble cause. But unluckily, there
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Kuno, a brave dog who survived the gunfire to save others, is awarded the highest animal honor
Today’s story is about Belgian Malinois, named Kuno, worked with special forces in Afghanistan.
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They got a small, hairy cat and in a year he became a house lion
This household has wished to possess a kitten for a long time.
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The female operates Monarch Butterfly with shattered wing and at present it can fly newly
The Monarch Butterfly is one of the most attractive bugs under the sun.
The cat rescues his holder from very poisonous serpent, the snake ascended through the unlocked door and concealed in the tote bags
Ricky Owens came back home from the shop and placed all foodstuff near the freezer.
The beagle saves house’s aged dog from strike of puma in Colorado
In November, a disaster happened in the house of Sarah Moore and Lindsey Golden from Colorado.
Lovely mom leopard shows one of her bewildered kittens how pass the street in South Africa
The rush hour doesn’t make anybody merry, particularly when you want to do something quickly.
Kameroun Mares ultimately discovered his missing dog Semper Fidelis after two years of continuous seeking
Kameroun Mares ultimately got his missing dog Semper Fidelis after a couple of years of continuous seeking.