Youngster found a mother dog with her cubs in the mountains that needed help

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Tom spends a lot of time in nature, away from city life and noise. He is a man of nature, he prefers to relax in places rich in nature than other types of rest.

The youngster was almost sure that during his next trip he would be able to save some animals. As he walked along the forest, he noticed with his side vision a slight movement in the grass.

Just a few seconds later, a dog got out on the road. The dog was very light-weight, thin and scared. Moreover she was the mother of little cubs. Most likely, the pet was deliberately taken to the forest and left there to die.

At first the canine was careful and vigilant, frightened to come close to the man. Sooner or later, she decided to trust the stranger and let him take her cubs in his arms.

Tom took pity on the mother dog and her cubs and decided to take them home.  He has prepared a corner in his apartment especially for the canine family.  He put the cubs on the carpet and the mother sat down close to him.

Tom named the canine Ruby. After a while, the pet got used to Tom, and started to show feelings towards him.

She was loving, kind and fun loving. After a while, Tom began searching for new proprietors for the grown cubs.

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