World’s biggest puppy bred to resemble ancient monster


Meet the world’s biggest puppy, who weighs a whopping 180 pounds and stands at a staggering 6 feet tall.

Nine-month-old Euphrates was bred to resemble a giant prehistoric monster dog.

She eats 8 cups of a dog food a day and prefers to play with a fence post rather than a squeaky toy.

Owner Jared Howser, 41, of Salt Lake City, Utah, said: “It’s unreal and unheard of, at 9 months, her size and strength is far beyond what I thought it would be.

When the dog stands on her hind legs she is 6 feet tall, that’s only at 9 months too, on all fours to the withers, the tops of her shoulders she is 31.5 inches.

If this giant dog was to stand she is big enough to look out of the peephole on the door.

Euphrates is an American Molossus, a new dog breed. The dogs’ closest relative is an ancient canine – the Mesopotamian Molossus. They were last seen in around 5,000 B.C., according to the New York Post. The long-extinct breeds were war dogs.

Jared continued:

“Just from wagging her tail, if she catches your knees she can take down a grown man down no problem. Most people think she is a fully grown dog when we take her out in public, when we tell them she is a 9-month-old puppy their jaws hit the floor.

“I never expected that she would be this big when we first brought her home, at 4 and a half months old she was already 136 pounds.

“By 6 months old she was tall enough to reach the kitchen counter while sitting down.”

Euphrates was the biggest puppy in the litter and cost a cool $5,000.

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