Woman rescues injured ‘dog’ but examined vets say it’s something else

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Andrea Ati was driving down the road when she came across a young canine in distress. His leg appeared to be broken, and she knew he needed immediate help.

It’s as if he knew he was about to get the care he needed, as he easily let her pick him up and settle him into her car. She was able to load up the injured pup, and began to head to the closest vet clinic.

Once she arrived to the veterinary clinic, she learned that her new furry friend was a bit different from the canines she typically hangs out with. This timid pup was in fact a wild coyote.

Andrea was shocked once she knew she was sharing her car with a wild dog. He was so incredibly docile, that even the veterinary staff was shocked by the situation.  To make sure that this furry friend received the treatment that he needed, they immediately contacted a wildlife rehabilitator.

Back at the wildlife treatment center, the wild coyote began to experience difficulties in his recovery. What originally seemed like just a limb, became clear that this wild pup was facing much more serious internal injuries as well.

The coyote stayed in the wildlife hospital for 5 days, but was unable to recover. He unfortunately passed away.

Though this was a terrible end to an incredible rescue story, animal lovers can take comfort in the fact that he got to pass away in a warm bed surrounded with care, instead of on the side of the road where he would have remained without Ati’s help.

We wish this story had a different outcome, but we are so happy to know that there are dedicated wildlife rescuers out there working tirelessly to save lives. Though this was not the outcome we hoped for, we know that other wildlife will benefit from the care of this rescue group!

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