Wolfgang the fat Beagle starts to metamorphosis and drops 20 kilos ultimately discovering his house

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Due to the family which took care of him, the fat animal lost his heaviness and recovered his happiness.  Wolfgang’s  alteration was amazing. There is an obvious difference  between the pictures of Wolfgang shot  in 2019 and those of this day.

One can think that  it is not one and the same pet as he has transformed a lot. The following year  a pair from Phoenix  got him on a provisional basis to make him to connect with the foster family.

A freewill project which was realized  by Erin McManis, an advocate, and her partner  since 2009 year, was published  in the New York Post. The dog measured  40  kilograms at that time.

The state of the dog was worrying and  his obese caused  a lot of damage to his health. Though he was fat , he showed an incredible flexibility but he became exhausted fast.

Chad Schatz  went for a walk with him every day  and supported him to demonstrate physical activity. At the beginning the outing  included few meters. The space expanded  step by step which helped him to lose his heaviness.

Simultaneously his adoptive family to keep healthy diet  eating a food with high protein and low-calorie. In the present the pet measures 13 kilograms. An actual transformation which we can understand reading the Instagram record devoted to him and which has almost 80.000 followers.

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  1. Randy Shaw

    How can I get more info I’m really interested in the process for my dog Thanks in advance