Unlucky dog rejected by his holders in a garden was admitted by the policeman who saved her


A hungry, harmed and rejected animal, a cross of a pit bull, lay quietly in the public garden of Bloomington, Indiana.

The unlucky creature asked for help with her eyes, and the joyful passengers did not attend her.

It was like this till a foreigner archived. He named the local officer as the animal had marks of physical jerks. The Officer Jeff Ripley, who came on call, fall in love intuitively. However, he didn’t understood it immediately and was going to give the miserable dog to the refuge.

But it was closed.

Later he brought the pit bull to his site.

Jeff’s wife came home and noting the poor dog suggested to care of her for the night.

And the pet feeled well with the other animals that they decided to leave her forever.

The following day they took her to the veterinary hospital.

They found to the ex-holder, who told that the dog had an accident, but he was not going to hold her and so he dismissed her.


The pet cured for a long time.

Daisy, as the pet was called, needed love. And she obtained it.

Sometime later she terminated to be frightened of  strong noises, began to have fun and believe to his recent holder slowly.

When I go to work, Daisy hurries to the bedroom window and pursues me.

She waits for me constantly to come home –tells Jeff.

Presently Daisy reposes in bed, gets much kisses all the time and need nothing. The dog found home quickly and started believe  in the people.

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  1. Chiropractor Steve

    That’s what I’m talking about. I call it life without Parole. That’s the committee we give to our pets before during and after their gone.
    It just behooves me how someone can adopt an animal, mainly a Dog or a Cat, then decide for whatever reason, they don’t want them anymore, and just leave them stranded. It’s heartless, cruel and totally unacceptable 💔 in most people’s eyes…
    Great story, thanks to the cop who adopted her. They were both obviously at the right place and right time, to meet each-other…