This cub bathes across the pond regularly for a very particular goal. Every time he feels deep pleasure when get to the coast


Thunder’s everyday  task is both amusing and attractive. This puppy usually goes to a campground  bathing across the pound which divides it.

He is gladly received there every time. The Thunder is a good swimmer look like the other Labrador Retrievers, tells the Dodo. The Thunder usually visits to the inhabitants of the campground  among which is Amanda Vermeer.

She had functioned there  for a long time and still remains there. Consequently   she recognizes this  canine well and  isn’t amazed when notices the dog to come  bathing.

Thunder’s holder’s home is on the contrary coast of the pond and the four-legged animal swims across it every time during the sun and the rain. The holders  of  Labrador have done everything to prohibit him for his security, but he regularly  gets a form  to run away from their observation, jump into the water and  visit to the camping site.

Amanda Vermeer is sure that Thunder’s  preferred  section of the venture is the bathe. She considers that he prefers  to go from one campground to the other and to greet to everybody and understand how far he is able to go before he gets apprehended by his officers.

Somebody can behave with him in an unpleasant way. When the dog  visits at the campground, the employers phone his holder  and inform him. But he never  returns house.

Later  he told to Amanda Vermeer  in a communication that   he would  never stopped swimming as he liked to do it very much.  Every time he feels pleasure when he reaches the coast and comes out of the lake.

It seems that he tells  Tada  Look I’ve come. chuckles  Amanda Vermeer.

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