They will possess a good life The bikers put 5 left cubs in their coats and rescued them


In Brazil, 5 cubs left were saved by a couple of bikers. If the couple of bikers had not healed them, they would not be alive.

On February 2022 Thyago Costa Silva and his companion did a terrible detection. When they were riding, they noticed something. In a profound pit near the way, 5 cubs were making efforts to remain alive. Someone has excavated the pit and put them there to depart.

They were sick and could not run away’ Thyago related the Dodo. They stopped to save the weak animals.

They were thirsty and hungry, told Thyago, and desired to remain alive. The bikers put them in their coats and took them to security. They took a trip of 19 km.  They went to live with Thyago.

The warmhearted male hold them and supported them to recover their powers. But he realized much more than that. The helpful person got convenient houses for them.

All of them were accepted by kind men who like pets’ told the hero of this wonderful tale. Though the infant cubs could have a tragic end, in the present they grow in the house of their fantasies. They will live better, said Thyago, and it makes me glad.

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