They got a small, hairy cat and in a year he became a house lion

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This household has wished to possess a kitten for a long time.

But always few conditions of life hindered them to complete their wish.

Once a small and magnificent animal inhabited in their home. All relatives instantly loved the kitten.

Since the first day the cat got adore, attention and warmth. The holders determined to get periodical photos of their animal.

They quickly remarked that the kitten was increasing more rapidly than anticipated. It has just been a year.

The small cat has transformed considerably and turned into a large cat. Evan the holders themselves didn’t anticipate it to become so big.

They were confident that they had acquired a Maine Coon cat. Nevertheless, they were wrong a little. The attractive animal has become a true large animal.

In spite of tis big size, the cat has a great humor. ‘Norwegian’ makes friends with the two kids and matures.  He actually is very patient when he performs with little kids.

The cat likes to lie on the knees of the holders.

They are ready forever to embrace and kiss their furry cat. How will neglect this loveliness.

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