The vagrant dog pit bull which name was Daya took care of a cub called Raisin after suffering the loss of her children


The unlucky vagrant pets could defeat any obstacle contact with their lives meeting with each other and finding solace in one another.

The sad tale was favored by many individuals, manifesting how the warmth, benevolence and loyalty can solve any problem in the life.

The vagrant pet who was walking in York streets in South Carolina, was noticed by the workers of the Animal Control. It was dark. The workers saw that the animal Daya was expecting a baby so she wanted an asylum as fast as possible.

The members of Halfway Rescue concurred to take her to the refuge and protected her instantly.  In a short time the medical examination demonstrated that the miserable pet was ill and wanted an operation. Both her next children and her existence were put at risk.

Unluckily the miserable Daya suffered the loss of her children, fortunately she was able to remain alive. But the miserable pet was distressed  she was so unlucky and joyless. But something was replaced when a saved black cub visited at the refuge. He was very afraid, confounded and unlucky.

She was got on the York streets too. The small cub which name was Raisin, evidently had a difficult life. One of her eyes was wounded. When the members of the Halfway Rescue presented Raisin to Daya, something magnificent took place.

Daya instantly adopted to the miserable cub and noticed in him to her unborn cubs, and Raisin got consolation in him. Look like the two smashed patterns were connected with each other. Their nice friendship medicated to each other. Then both Daya and Raisin were accepted and got a new nice house, but evidently they always remember of each other. Everybody can see the nice tale blow.

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