The sweet 60-gram kitten’s life is saved with the help of a brave and kind girl


Let’s get acquainted with this beautiful and unbelievable story about a little kitten.

There is statistical information that shows us how sad the stories of premature kittens end up. The lack of wool, malnourishment and also poor weight makes them so helpless. All these mentioned features do not allow them to survive in this world. Only in rare cases and circumstances this small babies can survive.

In addition to that, babies are not able to hold hands on their own and usually grow much slowly.

The post about this cute kitten was shared on social sites.

A young girl named Debbie Timmis took the whole responsibility of taking care for the sweet baby.

She said that she would do her best to save the poor kitten’s life. The poor kitten weighted 60 grams and was completely hairless.

When the kitten passed under medical examination, the veterinarians concluded that the kitty would not even stay alive. But however, as we see, life can amaze us in an unexpected way.

And the girl’s dedication and love saved the kitten’s life. At the beginning the kitten’s skin color was so incomprehensible. The baby’s breathing slowed down a lot and the tongue turned white.

This kind girl did a heart massage and fed her every two hours. And fortunately the kitten’s health soon improved.

This brave girl decided to name the kitten Freya which is according to Norse mythology considers the goddess of love beauty. Baby Freya turned out to be so inquisitive that she explores everything around, while she purrs loudly.

She could not find a better name for her, as this baby is not only strong but also beautiful kitten.

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  1. Robin Stowell

    I love this story!! Thank you for you love and care for God’s Creature- she is beautiful and so you are you!