The seal rescued by humans, could swim free and adores living with people


Today’s story is about a seal, named Ladoga. One day this ringed seal cub approached to a fisherman who was doing fishing there. As he had been on the ice for a very long time, this seal had slight frostbite on his lower body.

The fisherman stopped the fishing and decided to take the baby to the shore, where the seal was taken to the Marine Mammal Rehabilitation Center.

After the examination it was discovered that Krosh, which is the name of this white creature, weighted only 4 kilograms, which means that this is the smallest cub that the workers of the center have ever been witnessed.

In the parallel time, another seal was taken to the Center, which after examination, turned out to be wilder and eventually began to live in the wild.

In spite of the fact that this cute seal, Krosh, loved people, but also still needed to return to freedom.

So he was sent free swimming, but to everyone’s surprise, he splashed in the water for 15 minutes and swam back.

The workers of the Center decided to make him afraid of human beings, that is why they spoke rudely to the seal and did not scratch his belly. The seal gave a harsh respond. He started to communicate with people only for fish and grunted in an angrily way if they did not give him anything.

In the current moment Krosh lives permanently in the Center where he has fish, a pool toys and endless belly scratching.

This lovely seal is constantly being trained so that he does not become completely lazy. Now he has learnt how to clap his flippers and to bring the ball.

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