The safeguarded zebra becomes friends with a striving rhino brought to the asylum 12 hours after birth

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These creatures wound up in an asylum in South Africa.

The two infants must be saved, which is the thing daring volunteers are dealing with.

Rescuers successfully found infant rhinoceros with an appended umbilical cord.

The fledgling was taken to the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary.

The fledgling’s name was Daisy. Specialists discovered that she was just 12 hours old when she got to the hold. Daisy is presently about a month old.

The cub has grown a bit, in spite of the fact that it stays tiny.

A team of volunteers from the reserve feeds the animal  hourly and around the clock.

Rhinos are imperiled creatures. The deeds of poachers, plowing of land and battles on the African mainland have prompted a fast decrease in the quantity of these creatures.

Every rhino counts, therefore Daisy is protected with a great effort.

Daisy is being cared for in the intensive care unit – a plasma transfusion is made, antibiotics are given, and an integral part of all this are light exercises, warming up with blankets.

Everything is done in order to supplant the cub’s mom’s milk, because without it it won’t be easy.

In the ICU, Daisy has met a friend. There is a treatment for Modjadji too, a youthful zebra who was protected after strict tempests.

Creatures are  often together – they lie with their noses covered in one another.

Despite the two infants need quite a long time for being treated, the reserve workers are convinced that they will develop and become great and healthy creatures.

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