The little puppy that was abused and thrown aside, calmed down so much being saved, that buried his face in the arms of the rescuer.


A little, ill pup lived in a garage behind an apartment in St. Louis. During all this time, the locals took the useless things and furniture to the garage, and didn’t notice its furry resident.

Chowder, though used to such a life , expected a miracle …

One rainy day a wonder occurred in Chowder’s life: a benevolent man noticed him.

He took care of the pup and gave him some food and water, and was shocked at how much Chowder trusted him:

“When I approached, Chowder headed out to meet me. He is an absolutely good friend. He was glad that somebody was benevolent to him,” – says the man.

The man called Stray Rescue to take care of Chowder, and one of the volunteers immediately came for the puppy.

This little one also trusted the rescuers and they successfully took him to a shelter.

Chowder embraced the volunteer all the way in the car, as if thanking him wholeheartedly for being saved.

Furthermore in the safe house, this kid felt better: his eyes shone with the joy of being rescued.

The veterinarians found out that the dog has a serious eye infection, so they started to restore his eyes.

When Chowder recuperated a little bit and was relieved of his stress, he was taken to a temporary home.

Chauder is an amazing, polite, kind, and extremely grateful kid for everything.

After all that he has encountered in his life, he has been given a new life and now he lives in perfect security and love.

When the kid  finally recuperates, they will start searching  for permanent owners.

We hope this wonderful animal will find it’s best owners.

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