The elephant, who was abandoned by his troop got house and protection in old service dog


The elephants are very clever animals. They are also public animals though they grow in their troops.

The infant elephant whose name was Meet Ellie was abandoned by his troop because of her illness.  He had no any opportunity to stay alive in the savage.

By good luck the members of the Rhino Orphanage saved him and took the creature to the asylum in Zululand where they could protect him and take care of him.

However, the asylum was concentrated on protecting rhinos, Ellie was not ignored by them, even more they innovated a   new milk formula, as he had an allergic reaction of any kind of milk.

They utilized well-prepared rice and added minerals and proteins. So, Ellie  got power and energy step by step, became healthy but anything was absent  in his life.  He was without friend.

Ellie performed psychological issues having no chance to interrelate with his troop.

The team was not aware how to support the miserable animal with his social requirements.

But the assistance was near. IT was the older service pet whose name was Duma who rescued the unhappy elephant from his suffering. After Dumas visit they became indivisible companions. They were having fun on the land and pursued to each other.

Ellie became joyful and happier. He got consolation in his new companion. Duma supported him to ower come his sadness and isolation.

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