The dog becomes crazy at midnight discovering a ‘devil’ in her bed


Small Nova’s home can be tranquil. The four months old dog is prepared to defend his holders from anybody-even from the devils that she has created herself.

Several weeks ago a fearless cub got up a dreaming house in the middle of the night with heartbreaking yelping.

It was clear that Nova had discovered a strange animal in her bed, and, similar to any proud attack dog, hurried to assault.

“The time was midnight. Through my nap, I listened to Nova yelping aloud. As she generally conducts herself calmly in the night, I determined to utilize the telephone to examine the webcam placed above the yard and noticed that she had seen anything and was moving around it continually” tells the holder of the dog, Taylor Eubanks.

Taylor considered that it could be a serpent and ran to rescue the cub. But he was surprised that the horrible ‘devil’ which frightened Nova was a wad of yarn.

The dog brought it off her cover herself in the daytime with her dents and they stayed lying on the ground. But even after switching the lights Nova was careful long.

She looked the yarn attentively. The existence of her holder reassured her as the dog even attempted many times to assault the invader.

Nova could relax just after Taylor removed the ‘invader’ from the place. “All the night went calmly’ tells Taylor. The catastrophe finished.

The defendant was put into the garbage. The house could rest quietly understanding that a fearless and loyal guardian resides there’ –even if she is very little yet.

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