The cat rescues his holder from very poisonous serpent, the snake ascended through the unlocked door and concealed in the tote bags


Ricky Owens came back home from the shop and placed all foodstuff near the freezer.

After that he left the door unlocked and leave.

When the guy came back, he observed that his cat called Gordon brutally hiked around the seat. Simultaneously, he hissed, released claws and returned back.

Ricky did not comprehend what was appearing with quadruped, but abandoned the home once more. When he came back, he noticed that the cat was hissing at the feed bag.

Ricky took the tote bag and discovered that the tiger serpent was few meters away from him and from the animal.

It is one of the most poisonous and hazardous serpents in Australia-contact with him can finish sad.

The serpent instantly went under the freezer and Ricky could to catch it.

“I noticed just several inches of a serpent stomach which stays out from under the freezer. I didn’t see where its head is and where its tail,” Ricky told.

The person could catch it by the tail and later dropped the serpent over the wall in the garden. After this event, Ricky marked that he would be careful with the steps of his cat and would shut the door too.

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