The brave kitten became so attached with his giant dog siblings that he began to act like them


A kitten named Lincoln, befriends three great dogs.

He even started to view himself as one of them.

When Jill Whitlow brought the kitten home, she was worried about how the three dogs would accept the little one, would they befriend him or would they reject and treat him unkindly?

Surprisingly Lincoln immediately became friends with the big quadrupeds, and they admired him and started to love and take care of him.

Dogs’ behavior also impacted the kitten, who started to view himself as a huge dog.
For instance, he continuously strolls on a leash, eats from a big bowl, performs orders for which he gets a treat.

Lincoln immediately felt like the head of a dog group.
“He was never afraid. He doesn’t mind that he is just a 3lb feline: he plays with dogs as though he resembles them,” – Jill Whitlow clarified.

When Lincoln strolls down the road with dogs, he stuns numerous passers-by.
“Many people are scared of Great dogs since they are giant. But actually they are extremely delicate and kind animals, loving creatures that interact well with humans and other animals,” Whitlow added.

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