The beagle saves house’s aged dog from strike of puma in Colorado


In November, a disaster happened in the house of Sarah Moore and Lindsey Golden from Colorado.

Their animals-beagle Winston and chiweenie Mijo who was 15 years old-went out into the garden for a stroll, when unexpectedly they were assaulted by puma as reported by Fox 5 News.

The hunter caught an aged dog seemingly thinking that it was a victim. But she wasn’t aware yet with whom she would attack.

Short-legged Winston struck at puma with a noisy woof, attempting to defend his comrade. He attacked at the cat till she dropped the chiweenie and left.

“Winston is Mijo’s close friend. And I am not astonished that when he shout, Winston hurried to rescue him,” Sarah expressed her opinion about the event.

As the holder said, a great and benevolent spirit threatened a tiny beagle. This is a loyal supporter, willing forever to support poor persons.

After the assault, the canines were transported to animal hospital. Winston was not wounded, but Mijo was wounded severely.

The physicians couldn’t maintain his right eye and they were obligated to eliminate it. Moreover, the dog had an attack at night. The physicians said that the puma’s acute teeth had injured the dog’s nerve and presently he needed long-term and high-priced medical care.

Sarah and Lindsey weren’t ready to cover the cost and appealed for support to the GoFundME collective financing. Till that time they could collect almost 13000 dollars. They organize to pass all these finances on the medical care and recuperation of the dog.

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