Support dog show CPR on policeman in cute picture show. The most careful life partner

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The animals are unseparated pieces of our lives. It seems that  this lovely creatures are generated to illuminate our existence. Sometimes they can rescue us.

The assistance dogs or service dogs do everything to rescue someone’s life, their devotion and sincerity cost everything.

A recording of a pretty dog presenting CPR on a policeman who has felt down and become unconscious is circulated widely and rapidly on the internet.

In this recording done by Municipal Police of Madrid, the service dog called Poncho presents CPR forward the pupils. Poncho did a brave life-rescuing action on a policeman without oscillating- the police agency noted in translated tweet.

The well exercised puppy performs similar to a policeman when one of his friends is falling down unconscious. Poncho continually leaps on the policeman trying to restart his heart and rescue him.

View the attractive recording here and we can say certainly that you will have a great pleasure.

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