Red-haired kitten grown up and tells his police officer daddy what to do


Cody Garrett is a 28-year-old South Carolina cop who saved a teeny cat named Skirt.

So if you still know nothing about this person, then it’s time to do it, because his story has already spread not only in his homeland but also abroad.

Presently the ginger cat doesn’t simply live with the police officer – he has grown up and helps him fight crime. And everything began gracefully!

Garrett was working the night shift when he met a kitten. He realized that he most certainly couldn’t let the unfortunate animal there alone, that’s why the cop took him to his station.

Colleagues, just like Garrett himself, were unsure how best to handle this situation

Skirt isn’t the only animal Garrett has saved. During the shift he found Toothless as a kitten, and from that point forward the beauty has been living with the police officer.

Obviously, animal salvage is Cody’s hobby. One day during a patrol, he saved a group of wonderful little dogs!

Skirt, meantime, settled very well in the house, which he now certainly thought to be his own. Police right hand is currently ready all the time for service and defense (however not when he is playing!).

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