Once a girl decided not to let the sable become a coat, so she adopted one and kept it as a pet

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Sable fur is considered one of the most expensive in the world due to its texture and shades. That is why the breeding of sables for leather has been started for a long time. There are about 70 fur farms in Russia alone.

However this allows the animals to survive, as happened to Umora, which was noticed by a girl named Zhenya. And now the sable, being partly accustomed to house pet life, lives with her instead of a cat and pleases with her turbulent behavior.

Zhenya sincerely warns: do not do what she  has done. Sable is utterly not suitable  for keeping at home, it is a wild, haughty, whimsy, quite dangerous creature. His hunting grounds are calculated in square kilometers, so it will not be easy for him in a narrow apartment.

Zhenya did not know all this from the beginning, when she decided to buy the sable back, she acted on the dictates of her heart, not on her mind, but now it is too late to separate from Umora. For a year and a half she not only got used to the pet, but also taught it to order.

Sable is smaller than a cat and weighs less, but is very lively, wonderful and curious.  And the little belly is biting, at first Zhenya’s fingers were bandaged all the time.

Umora doesn’t deliberately spoil things, however she loves to play or take without asking. She has her own manholes, entries and hiding places everywhere, through which the sable moves at astonishing speed.

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