Married pair adopted 15 dogs, and turned into a genuine salvation for them


When you lose your favorite animal, it is viewed as one  of the greatest losses on the planet. A couple of years prior, when a family was traveling in Thailand, one day they were told that their 10 years old dog had passed on.

The couple struggled bidding farewell to their cherished pet. That is why they didn’t dare to get a new one. Right, after a long time, their hearts softened. Thus Mantas and Rasa thought of getting a new pet.

Once they went to a kennel to pick a dog. But on the way, they saw a pack of wandering dogs.

At that point, they settled on one choice. Taking the second dog, the pair traveled  to Thailand. Then they took one dog from the street, then another, and so on. Each animal needed special care.

They at present own 15 dogs.  The couple managed to cure the pets, to give them real love and care.

True love never disappears, on the contrary, it bosoms and gives new life. The love for their pet made the couple much more kind. Presently they can’t envision their lives without the wonderful mess made by the beautiful four-legged friends!

We wish the dogs long years and joy in traveling with their proprietors!

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