In the time of walking, a wandering cat came up to the young lady and asked for help. She didn’t do it for herself


A woman named Katy had an argument with her husband because of relatives, who once again decided to remain with them during the holidays. But a newborn baby needs care.

The husband was convinced that there would be a place for everybody, but Kathy thought that the relatives could be accommodated in the dormitory, at least during this time without creating problems.

She hurried to the park, attempting to get some fresh air. “I thought about the quarrel for a long time, I decided where to move temporarily, and then suddenly I saw a cat walking  nearby”

Kathy was already going home, but the cat was tracking her to the entry, meowing. It was clear that she needed something.

So Katie turned around, and the cat took her to the wet box. Four small, still blind cats were lying in it.

Katy hurried to call her husband – and the commotion with the cubs helped them to reconcile and find a way out. Relatives took care of the cubs, Katy took one to her mother.

And the sensible adult cat remained with Katie, becoming a cordial loving and caring nanny for her own baby.  What a delightful story. Thanks to the cat family, everybody found peace.

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