Happy paparazzo was shocked while the cheetah approached silently and embraced him


Sasan Amir who was 27 years old paparazzo and cinema-man was a usual guest in the African savannah.

There he made amazing photos and videos with groups of animals. The beasts  made  certain groups in his briefcase. Lately Amir visited South Africa newly, where took place a very uncommon adventure.

Sasan archived to a trap, from where he looked the savannah seeking advanced shots, when he noticed unexpectedly the cheetah going to him. The cinema-man was afraid and began to stand up without hurrying, indicating the animal that he was informed about his approximation and was able to protect himself.

The cheetah paused and determined what to do then. And he went towards Sasan newly.  Nearing himself the cheetah snuffled the paparazzo then rubbed his head against him and settled near him.

I noticed that he wanted to speak. He started to purr like a cat – Sasan related what he noticed. It took Amir some time to understand what an unimaginable tale happened to him.

Sasan Amir/ CATERS NEWS (PICTURED Sasan Amir on the left being snuggled by a cheetah) Adorable images capture the surprising moment a cheetah hugs a photographer. Sasan Amir, 27, was taking pictures at a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa when he noticed a cheetah walking towards him. The pictures show the cheetah rubbing its head against Sasan and eventually sat down next to him. Sasan, a photographer and filmmaker, said: “I had visited this sanctuary a few times and noticed this cheetah was used to interactions with humans. SEE CATERS COPY

He was very happy and noble to communicate with such beast. Contemporary the cheetah was totally free from tension and violence. Even he tongued Amir several times demonstrating his love.

Luckily the camera was near and the paparazzo photographed him a lot. At that time the cheetah let himself to be loved and embraced- and Sasan got an unusual chance to be in contact with the beast without wounding his life and health.

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