Every day the cat asked for meat in the store and took it some place


Once a red cat came to the meat shop and started to beg the merchant and purchasers  for meat as a treat. Customers and the seller stayed indifferent to him and drove him away.

Really, the following day he came to the store again, sat down close to the counter and began to silently wait. Then the saleswoman had compassion for him and treated him with pieces of meat. The feline didn’t eat them but left them in his mouth.

Where he went, it isn’t obvious. So the feline did every day until the woman decided to track him down.

As a consequence, it turned out that the ginger feline decided to take care of another cat that was lying under a concrete slab and had an injured leg.

The woman seller had to pick up the sick little  cat and take it to the veterinarian at the clinic. Then she took the ginger cat to her house.

The woman simply couldn’t keep her friends separated. The little  cat’s paw was healed, and the doctors said that the felines are not relatives, they are simply good friends who were able to help each other.

Although we don’t know whether she had adopted them or taken them to a shelter, the fact is that she has successfully accomplished a great job.

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