Dream greatly: the tale of a husky that turned out being a malamute


Be careful of your wishes, because they can come true. The hero of our story has been convinced by his own experience that Bulgakov’s expression is true. The man has dreamed of a dog since childhood.


But, anyway, something went wrong continuously, and plans to procure a dog that was considered a human friend had to be postponed. Hence, when a friend  had a husky, he preferred not to procrastinate any longer and get a pet.

The doggy’s name is Jim. The new proprietor was a little bit confused that with age the dog will become much bigger. Nonetheless, all the same acquaintances consoled him that the pup’s parents were not purebreds and that meant that he would not grow greatly strong.

From the first day in the new house, Jim was very active, he started to grow lively and active. To the astonished words of his friends, the proprietor only stepped aside, attributing everything to the appetite of the pet.

Everything changed about a year passed, when the man at work had to go on a long lasting business trip. He could not take Jim with him and pleaded to his family members to take care of the canine.


How surprised was the man when, instead of the little doggy, he saw a huge fluffy beast approximately as tall as he? Supposing that the dog had merely been fed, the proprietor went  to a veterinarian for advice.

He immediately removed all doubts from his relatives. The dog was totally healthy, it just turned out that it was not a purebred husky, but a cross between a Malamute. And big growth is the norm for this breed.

So the little childish dream transformed into great, fluffy bliss!

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