Homegrown pig lives with five dogs and thinks he is one of the members of the group
The dog is said to be man’s best friend, but this domestic pig may disagree.
Mother bear brings her infants to meet her human friend
Gratefulness is ordinary not only to people but also to animals. Some wild animals have emotional ways to thank those people who took care of them.
Schoolboy found an infant cub in the grass, when he grew up, turned out to be a thoroughbred canine
Eugene, a third-grader, was coming back home from school. As all guys, he was perky, so when he saw the neighbor’s boy, he decided to play with him and
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Once a girl decided not to let the sable become a coat, so she adopted one and kept it as a pet
Sable fur is considered one of the most expensive in the world due to its texture and shades. That is why the breeding of sables for leather has been started
A heart touching story about the amazing and unspeakably beautiful connection between people and lioness
This wonderful story is about an unique friendship between a lioness and two boys.
Cat was taken to an asylum since he likes to sit on his proprietor’s lap: meet his new family
For what reason do you need to have a feline at home? It is wonderful to hold and stroke him, to love, to play with him. At the point when a pet loves
Dream greatly: the tale of a husky that turned out being a malamute
Be careful of your wishes, because they can come true. The hero of our story has been convinced by his own experience that Bulgakov’
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Youngster found a mother dog with her cubs in the mountains that needed help
Tom spends a lot of time in nature, away from city life and noise. He is a man of nature, he prefers to relax in places rich in nature than other types of rest.
The devoted dog swam to the shore for 11 hours and rescued his owner
This occurrence happened in Australia. Once an angler saw a shepherd canine putting great effort to swim to the shore. A tackle box floated on the water
Cat that helped his girlfriend during labor turned into the favorite of millions of people
Many accept that animals can’t sympathize with their fellows. They do not care about their children, particularly males. Yet, in all actuality cats
Little cats survived few days on the street in a hug
In the American city of Phoenix, several small puppies were on the street, they somehow managed to survive until they were found by the rescue team.
Domestic fox that eats from a plate and takes strolls around evening time with her owner
Everybody knows what kind of animals it is standard to have at home in city conditions. Primarily, the list is restricted to dogs, cats, hamsters and parrots.