Meet Wiley, the cute Dalmatian doggy with a heart-shaped nose who captured the hearts of social media users.
There are often incredibly beautiful wonders in nature, such as frosted glass patterns or patterns on some animals painted by nature itself.
A homeless feline looking for food has gone toward the zoo and befriended a lynx.
Is fellowship among wild and homegrown animals possible. The practice shows that yes.  In addition, it won’t be hard for them to find a common language
In Nagaland, the tricky clouded panther, which isn’t frequently seen by people, was caught on camera.
An amazing animal, which is rarely seen by people, was captured on camera on the border of India and Myanmar.
For over 15 years the horse everyday passes the same path that her previous owner used to ride her on.
In Frankfurt, Germany, a great white Arabian horse strolls every day. She doesn’t need guards, because she knows the way well indeed.
Cool Videos
The safeguarded zebra becomes friends with a striving rhino brought to the asylum 12 hours after birth
These creatures wound up in an asylum in South Africa.
NZ protection dog, who saved 1700 kiwi birds from fadeaway, presently has gone on a merited rest
The canine Rein has been searching for kiwi birds for a long time. Presently the wonderful dog has gone on a merited rest. Iain Graham, alongside Rein
Homeless cat hopelessly goes to fire station on a cold day and pleads to be allowed in, because of the fact that she is freezing
One day a street cat in an extreme cold went under the window of a fire station trusting that individuals would help her.