Cat was taken to an asylum since he likes to sit on his proprietor’s lap: meet his new family


For what reason do you need to have a feline at home? It is wonderful to hold and stroke him, to love, to play with him. At the point when a pet loves you back, that is stunningly better.

In reality, not everybody thinks about it positively. For instance, this well-fed ginger cat named Jacques from Canada (Montreal) was given to a local shelter by its proprietors.

The truth of the matter is that Jacques liked to lie on his proprietor’s lap. Likewise, as indicated by the former owners of the cat, he became very tame and asked for a lot of attention.

For an entire year, the shelter staff was searching for another family for Jacques. Indeed, even while in the shelter, Jacques attempted to find human care and love.

After unsuccessful endeavors to find proprietors for Jacques, it was decided to hold activity on the Facebook page.

The picture and the story of the cat were shared on the page, and it was mentioned that the cat is very good and kind, loves to give warmth and care to his loved ones. The  animal shelter staff didn’t have to wait for a long time.

After two weeks, another proprietor was found for Jacques.

The feline didn’t need to settle down for quite a while. Also, the cat loved Liz’s grandson definitely, and started to play with him and treat him as his closest  friend.

This is how pets express their true devotion and love for their owners. Regardless of whether the proprietors have changed.

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