Cat Finds Baby Rabbit on The Sofa And Decides To Keep Her


There are not many chances that a baby bunny can live by itself in the world. A family from Rotterdam found a tiny bunny a few years ago who was no more than a week old. Sadly, his mother had tragically died and he was left orphaned.

The bunny who was nicknamed Bubbles was found freezing and starving. But his adoptive family took him in and planned to do everything they could to make sure he recovered. Even if it meant feeding him from a baby bottle.

But they didn’t think that their tabby cat, Snaggle Puss, would turn out to be such a good mother to the bunny. Puss had actually just given birth to her own litter of kittens. When she saw Bubbles, she didn’t hesitate for a second and knew he had to be part of her litter.

She gently took him by the skin of his neck, as if he were one of her kittens, and brought him to her bed where she let her kittens suckle her. These two species are very different but they got along very well with each other.

While Bubbles looks like a domestic rabbit, it’s now the time of year when people find wild baby rabbits in their yards. Just remember, mother rabbits typically leave their babies for hours at a time.

Here’s how to tell if a baby rabbit needs your help – and how to ensure he gets the best chance at growing up to be a wise old rabbit.

At least, outside of having a Snaggle Puss around.

Puss’s litter wasn’t too big so Bubbles managed to squeeze in between his adoptive brothers and have his turn too!


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