At the Omsk Zoo, a bear hide for three months that she became the mom of three kids

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A bear named Masha, a resident of the Bolsherechensky Zoo in Omsk, some time ago started to act strangely, which deeply worried the local staff. The animal quit going out into the sun  and spent most of its time at home.

Yet the strangest thing was that Masha kicked the male out of the house.

But lately everything has been revealed. It turned out that Masha gave birth to very cute kids, which is the reason she acted so anxiously. By the way, in the wild, male bears often eat their offspring, so the recently made mother pushed the father of her cubs out the door.

The staff tend to believe that the kids were born in winter  when the bear was in hibernation. This is typical for this species. The employees of the zoo suspected that she had brought forth children, yet they could not be assured.

Firstly, if they tried to enter her house, they could frighten the little ones a lot, and second, Masha would not have escaped stress either. A scared female bear with her infants is one of the most dangerous creatures.

In general, the staff decided to wait until the mother took the cubs for the first walk.  It happened the other day. The cubs grew up, and Masha took them out into the fresh air for the first time. It turned out that she became a mother of 3 offspring.

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