Abandoned dog tried different tricks to catch volunteers’ attention in order to get food first


There are so many ways that stray animals whether dogs and cats ask for food from strangers.

Let’s imagine that the dog with sad eyes is coming to you. She steps carefully and looks very sad.

And she firmly clamped the mouth, in order not to drop the given gift.

One day it can be a spine or a piece of paper, the other day it can be clothespin or any other thing that a dog can find on the roads of a city.

If you are interested where she is carrying all this, let’s follow Tua Plu.

Here this abandoned dog wonders through many buildings and houses and comes to an inconspicuous building. There are so many dogs that usually gather here; they are very different, but united by one impulse-“we are very hungry!”.

Every time a young female volunteer comes out to meet these abandoned dogs in order to feed this big doggy gang. During her visit, Tua Plu comes first and after another, already elderly, dog minces. As gratitude sign Tua approaches the volunteer and places her gift in her lap. Here one can see such an interesting sight: the dog shyly lowers his eyes, as if embarrassed by his touching act!

The volunteer laughs, pats him on the back of the neck, and pours food into the bowl. Afterwards the woman very carefully hides Tua’s gift and gives the old dog a meal behind his back.

After for while this woman named Oravan decided to write a post for Facebook, where she was telling about this dog, how smart Tua is and about his every day’s gifts.

Oravan feels the dog’s gratitude by getting that kind of gifts from Tua after getting food from her.

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