A resident from Griffith found the little puppy under the bridge


This story happened in Griffith, Indiana. A resident of Griffith, Bob Hoelter decided to take a walk to the store on a cold evening. “I usually drive. That night I decided I needed some exercise,” Hoelter told The Dodo.

While passing a small bridge, he heard strange sounds. As Hoelter crossed a bridge, he heard a noise. He stopped. Then he heard it again. It was the saddest, most heartbroken whimper, coming from below.  “I was looking at the water and the land, but I don’t see anything, but I hear it,” he said. “I walked back to land and I walked around and looked around.”

The cries continued from the darkness beneath the bridge. Determined to help, Hoelter crawled on his hands and knees down the culvert, completely uncertain of what he was going to find. All he knew is that someone needed him.

And there, looking up at Hoelter, was a tiny, shivering, scared puppy. But Hoelter couldn’t believe what he noticed next: the puppy’s snout was wrapped in tape.

The man hugged the puppy to his chest, covered it with a jacket, and carried it to the nearest veterinary clinic. The staff immediately took the puppy away and began to rescue him. The puppy’s savior, having made sure that the baby was in good hands, went about his business.

The puppy was emaciated and the skin under the tape was badly damaged. The tape was removed from the puppy’s face. The baby was about 4 months old. They immediately began to give him injections and lubricate the damaged face with healing ointment. This kid was safe now.

Later, after examination of X-ray, another problem came to light – his leg was seriously broken. Based on these signs, the doctors determined that it was possible that the baby was simply thrown off the bridge.

After the staff of the clinic recovered from the shock, one of the employees posted the story of the puppy on social media. Her publication attracted the attention of many people, including one couple, who recently lost their beloved dog.

From the moment of their meeting, the dog Louie became a member of this kind family. All this time, the puppy’s savior, who took him out from under the bridge, remained a mystery to everyone.

But the new owner decided to find this man, and she did it! Again, thanks to social media. Another touching moment – Louie somehow recognized his hero. As soon as the man entered the clinic, the puppy rushed to meet him with kisses.

The man was happy that the puppy was fine, and a shelter was found for him. If on that terrible day the man had gone to the store by car, as usual, and not on foot, he would hardly have heard the poor little Louie. “After this situation, I understand that God has plans for everyone. We all have a calling,” said Mr. Hoelter. “From now on I will definitely have to walk more often…”

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