A homeless feline looking for food has gone toward the zoo and befriended a lynx.


Is fellowship among wild and homegrown animals possible. The practice shows that yes.  In addition, it won’t be hard for them to find a common language if they are of the same type.

Once, a homeless feline from St. Petersburg wandered in the city  looking for food.

That day was lucky for her, because she not only found food, but also a close friend.

The cat not only managed to find a few stumps in the garbage, but also managed to find large pieces of beef carcass։

She found the food in the zoo, in the enclosure of one kind of feline- the lynx.

It seemed that if the owner of the meat noticed the little cat eating her food, she would tear it to pieces, but a marvel occurred – the big cat did not touch the little one.

Possibly she felt kinship or understood that no one feeds the stray cat and she is passing on from hunger.

Currently the feline frequently comes to her kind friend.

She shares breakfast, lunch and supper with her.

It is warmer in the aviary than outside, so the feline heats up, leaning on the lynx.

For this, the homeless feline licks her fur.

The feline was also noticed by the employees of the zoo. In order not to deprive the owner of the meat, they added it daily so that she would not be hungry either.

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