A diver has caught the inconceivable second he encountered an unusually gigantic shark


Off the coast of Florida, 55-year-old diver John Moore saw a huge bull shark, which had a very unique appearance and looked amazing while swimming.

The relevant photo of the male predator was posted on his Instagram page and gained many likes and comments.

Different sharks swam close to John Moore, however the man noticed the bull shark.

Taking into account her behavior he thought that the predator could be pregnant.

“She is probably pregnant and most certainly didn’t miss any food.

She was an extremely dominant shark, confidently swam up to me during the dive”, said John.

Bull sharks are lazy and swim slowly.

The eating routine mainly involves huge spineless animals, little sharks, other fish and dolphins.

In addition, any emissions are swallowed with the living victim.

When they are born they are around 60 centimeters. In adulthood, the length is 1.5 – 2.5 meters.

Pregnancy lasts 10 to 11 months, after which the female brings forth 3 to 13 fry.

Men are truculent towards any potential rivals, which can sometimes even be a human.

Bull sharks’ testosterone level is higher than the other sea animals’. So, this fact partly explains their aggressiveness.

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