A collapsed and abandoned dog was pregnant, and was fighting for her life without any human’s aid


It is common case when people adopt different kind of pets and other animals but sometimes their co-existence is not always successful. Today’s story is about a cute dog which was pregnant, weak and was fighting for her life without any human’s aid.

We all have heard so many interesting and heart-breaking stories about animals and their owners. But today’s story happened to a dog, named Liza, who was found lying on the road. She became a victim of a human cruelty.

She felt very weak and whenever she was found, Liza could hardly walk. It made very difficult to rescue her.

The story about Liza was posted on social media but unfortunately it was ignored and no one was interested in it.

When an animal organization knew about this incident, they arrived in the place where the dog was lying. They noticed that Liza was pregnant but unfortunately they could not save her puppies’ life. Liza lost all of them. The aiding team tried their best to improve her health and it took some time as it was difficult to recover from after all.

She stared to eat normally and had more peaceful life. For the current time she is in the stage of healing. First signs of recovery can be already seen in Liza’s health state.

Due to cruel behavior that she had in the past, Liza is afraid of human beings. She is always trying to escape from them.

Obviously there is a long way ahead for the improvement of her health but even now one can notice that she has a unique character.

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