7-month-old ginger cat was saved by plastic buttons


There are so many innovations in medical treatment sphere, which also includes veterinary medication.

Once a 7-month-old cat was taken to the veterinarians with severe injuries which were caused by an attack of a dog. After being medically checked, the veterinarians managed to save the ginger cat’s life in an interesting way. During the operation they used very ordinary methods for saving the cat’s life.

The veterinarians used buttons on the face of an animal which are the adaptations necessary for restoration.

This poor cat was attacked by the dog of his owner which resulted him to appear in the Angell Animal Veterinary Clinic on January 20. He got a head injury, multiple fractures of the jaw, lacerations and damage to the palate.

And when the cat was under control of veterinarians, after operation, they decided to cure the stitches by using four buttons-two on the cheeks and two more under the chin.

Besides that the colorful buttons also help stabilize the jaw of the operated cat and prevent it from damaging the healing sutures.

The doctors predicted that the healing process of the scars would take 4-6 weeks, then the buttons could be taken off.

And now this lovely cat that got a name as Juicebox is looking for a new home without dogs where he can go after a full recovery.

Victoria Odynski, an employee of the Boston Animal Welfare Center, informed that despite very serious injuries, Juicebox is recovering quickly and is very friendly and playful. We hope this cute cat will find his permanent home and will be surrounded by care and love.

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  1. Tina Foster

    Would love so much too take the kitten 😸🐾 home 🏡 because I would give it the most loving home 🏡 ever I live in Colorado springs and it didn’t say were the kitten 😸🐾 is from