14-Year Old Boy Runs Into Traffic To Rescue A Cat Thrown From A Car


This teenager and his phenomenal action have shown the world that you can be your own hero and you can be someone else’s one. In this case, a tabby cat who was almost in the worst situation was saved by Gavin.

They built the strongest bond afterward. Gavin’s mom, Erin Brown, shared a true and interesting story about her son Gavin and the cat. On the way to drive her son to a birthday party, they saw a moving car whose window was being rolled down and someone threw a cat out.

Brown pulled the brakes to stop and Gavin jumped out, signaled to the hustle and bustle of traffic to stop for a while so he could help Lucky out.

“In shock watching the cat slam the pavement and scurry all over the highway he ran to the overpass right by me and jumped on top of the overpass about to jump down.” – Brown shared.

The boy quickly picked up the kitty and dashed into the car. The mom was amazed by her heroic act.

“Not sure which I’m in more shock of, the cat being thrown out a window of a moving vehicle on 196 or my son flying out of my car onto the highway and diving into an overpass to rescue a cat.”

They immediately took the cat to the nearest local hospital and made a full recovery. Gavin exposed himself that he had a passion to be a veterinarian, and surely he can be the warmest vet in the world!

Gavin and his mother decided to adopt this cute cat and gave to name him Lucky. The nightmare was over, the cat was safe and this heartwarming story was spread out, to a kind stranger’s ears. The stranger came up and offered to pay all Lucky’s medical fees.

Now Lucky has a permanent shelter and is surrounded with love and care.

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